Your Future Looks Could Be From Amazon’s Clothing Design Algorithm

Amazon is the place to be for the latest gadgets, movies, and just about everything. So why not add the best fashion into the mix, too?

This is exactly what Amazon hopes to do with its new clothing design algorithm.


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MIT Technology Review reports that it works by analyzing images of clothes that already exist to design similar pieces. Instead of human designers creating your favorite looks, Amazon’s algorithm would become the creative genius.

The tool that accomplishes this task is called a generative adversarial network (GAN). He uses deep neural networks to memorize the properties of specific styles by examining numerous examples. Once he has learned the style, he can transform an existing item of clothing to suit that style.

The system will be able to identify rising fashion trends and start creating its own unique pieces for Amazon customers to purchase. One way for Amazon to spot trends before the game is to identify new looks that are starting to appear in social media posts.

This isn’t Amazon’s first glimpse into the fashion world. The company launched its own version of Trunk Club and Stitch Fix, called Prime Wardrobe, in June. All the clothes and accessories you want to try on at home are sent to you for free, and you actually only pay for the ones you keep. And the Echo Look app will even give you feedback on the outfits you try on.

The algorithm originated from Amazon’s research center in San Francisco Lab126. You probably don’t want the AI ​​mode assistant to style you just yet, but researchers are still polishing the technology. So if you are an Amazon lover, keep your fingers crossed that the algorithm is worked out ASAP. And get ready to welcome your new designer.

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