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Her foyer features glitter hairpieces with feathers and sequins. A tray full of pins and spools of thread sits on a desk in the corner of the family room. Most hard surfaces have eggshell colored sheets with pencil drawings.

Erin Healy, a local fashion designer and mother of three, uses her home in Palencia as a showroom and studio.

Like many entrepreneurs in the Jacksonville area, she juggles her work and home life more seamlessly as she works where she lives.

“I don’t really need a showcase,” Healy said. “I don’t do touch-ups – I do custom work, and it’s really handy, considering I’m a mom.”

Healy is preparing to show off her resort collection during the upcoming Miami and Charleston Fashion Weeks. Her family room is the main space where she will lay out the entire collection to see where she needs to make changes.

She says women appreciate the

pieces she creates because they are unique and are limited editions.

Healy said her client was generally “a woman who loves classic style and unique fabrics that give her an edge.”

Samples of fabrics litter her dining room table, as well as misplaced sketches. Often times, Healy has stated that she would have an idea of ​​what she wanted to design, but that it wouldn’t be finalized until the fabric was chosen.

Although she has been drawing since high school, Healy started drawing seven years ago and is self-taught. She met another designer in St. Augustine who introduced her to a pattern maker. Healy then began selling his pieces at exhibitions, parties and charity events.

But that all changed for the designer in 2010. She entered the Miami Fashion Week Emerging Designer Contest and was chosen as one of three finalists. That year, she was able to show her collection on the catwalk.

“I took a bit of momentum to get the name out there,” Healy said. “I’ve met amazing people across the Miami Fashion Week network, and I’ve been showing ever since.”

Healy’s runway shows are a staple of the Jacksonville fashion scene. It was featured at the latest Jacksonville Fashion Week events.

However, the local event was canceled this year. Today, she mainly shows her work at local salons and organizes her own parades for charity.

Even with the demise of Jacksonville Fashion Week, Healy is optimistic about the future of Jacksonville fashion. Her business has grown and she hopes other local designers will have the chance to experience the same success.

“We have a lot of talented artists here,” Healy said. “If we can find the support and keep it going, it can become a really good market for fashion. “

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