Why Kate Spade’s suicide is a tragedy


One of the first fashion memories I have was as a kid and buying a pair of shoes completely covered in rainbow sequins. They were as fantastic as you can imagine. I remember my mom turning to the sales clerk and saying, ‘Don’t we all wish we could have a pair? And I said to myself: “wait, why not you? “

It was before Kate Spade.

Kate Spade changed so much when she launched her line in 1993. It was a time when cool adult fashion consisted of overalls and plaid shirts. And into this grungy world, Kate Spade walked in with preppy bags in a variety of insanely bright colors.

“Kate Spade seemed to understand that women who liked to wear pink dresses weren’t stupid or frivolous.”

The line was aimed at women who always wanted to be feminine, who had never seen anything wrong with being feminine. Not everyone wanted to emulate the cast of The Craft (although, to be fair, the women on the Craft poster look great). And, inspired by vintage handbags, Kate Spade allowed them to embrace that feminine spirit. Time magazine wrote about how she “persuaded women of the 90s to trade what she calls” the black bag nothing “for a handbag with personality. ”

I suspect it didn’t take a lot of persuasion. Women were only waiting for an affordable option that would allow them to have a little fun with fashion. And, God, his plays had personality. Inspired by her mother’s old handbags which came in a variety of “oranges, roses, chocolates, huge pearl buttons” Kate Spade’s handbags were never black bags. .

Courtesy of Kate Spade

Head over to the company’s website today and you’ll see that its first collection inspired a line of bags that look like pineapples, handbags covered in comic prints, tote bags that state that ‘they are “outside” and pouches adorned with flamingos. In 2003, The New York Times wrote that “If Dorothy Parker was a product, she would be a Kate Spade clutch.” This may explain the dizzying number of Kate Spade products with Dorothy Parker quotes on them.

Like Dorothy Parker, Kate Spade’s plays sparked conversations. And it wasn’t just the handbags. The whole line seemed capable of finding fun in femininity without ever making fun of femininity. Kate Spade seemed to understand that women who liked to wear pink dresses weren’t stupid or frivolous because of this style choice. After all, she proudly donned pink tights and founded a multi-million dollar empire. It was an affordable wardrobe designed for the Elle Woods of the world.

Kate Spade Rose Pantyhose Met Gala

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And if you’re looking for a pair of sparkly shoes, your first stop should be Kate Spade. They have made countless pairs of sparkly shoes since they started making shoes in 1999.

My mom and I both have pairs of her shoes now.

Today, Mindy Kaling tweeted that Spade’s clothes “were colorful, bold, cheerful, and encouraged women to find the shimmering person in them.” You couldn’t walk into his shops without smiling.

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Kate Spade taught us that we can always appreciate color and sparkle, and that fashion can be just as fun as when we were kids. You can still be bubbly in adulthood. It was fashion that aimed to make people happy.

This is one of the reasons it’s so tragic that Kate Spade’s life ended with such sadness. It always seems shocking when someone who has brought so much joy to the lives of so many people commits suicide, like Kate Spade did. The fact that many of us will regret his creative gifts certainly has nothing to do with the pain his family must be feeling. But will miss these gifts, all the same. She has been an inspiration to many of us.

The world will be a less sparkling place for its downfall. But the bubbly person she inspired many of us to hopefully continue in the shoes she created for us.

If you or someone you know has warning signs of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-TALK (8255).

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