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Camillya Taylor is making waves on catwalks across the region. As she makes a name for herself on the fashion scene, this is just the tip of what she strives to bring to the region.

Taylor, a native of Johnstown, is the owner and stylist behind Camille’s House of Styles Salon & Boutique located in the Moxham area of ​​the city. While Taylor is good at making things beautiful, she admits that the road to success hasn’t always been so smooth.

After 14 years working as a hairdresser for Holiday Hair in Johnstown, Taylor decided to make an effort to open her own salon in 2008.

“I just felt like I had to do something,” Taylor said.

She eventually had the opportunity to open a salon in Indiana, where she graduated from high school, but then faced a major problem – she had no clients in this area.

“The first two days, no one showed up,” she said.

As the pressure to succeed and the stress began to increase for Taylor after her second day without a client, rumors began to circulate even faster that her services were now available in Indiana.

“The second day it was just a madhouse,” she said. “Due to the shortage in Indiana, they didn’t have living rooms or something like that, and things just took off.”

As business quickly picked up for Taylor in Indiana, his departure from Johnstown created a vacuum for his services.

“I had such a large customer base at my home in Johnstown that I decided to open a second location there,” she said.

Taylor, who just a few years ago was unhappy with her job, was now traveling between two places.

“I’m the type of person who takes risks,” she says. “They don’t always work, and I’m always scared to do it, but I’m like, ‘If I don’t, then what happens?’

“So I did, and it was really scary doing it, but it happened and it just opened the door to the second location.”

Success comes with tension and surprises, Taylor said. Having to juggle two sites with employees who couldn’t devote their time to work, while raising two girls under 5, left her exhausted and often questioned herself.

“I had to figure out how I could make it all work,” she said. “There were a few times I thought about giving up, but then I thought, ‘What am I going to do?’ I had already given up my 14 year job.

After operating for two years in Indiana, Taylor decided to close the doors of the store.

“I just couldn’t keep up,” she said. “It was more doable with two small children to work in Johnstown.”

The fashion virus

Now, after running her own salon for a few years, Taylor wanted to try her hand at clothing design – something she had already started as a hobby. Taylor was inspired to start styling her clothes when she weighed 315 pounds and found that her height limited her choices in clothing selections.

With a new spark of motivation, Taylor began modifying and designing her own outfit, which caught the attention of many.

“I started designing for myself and more and more people were asking me where I bought the clothes,” she said. “People would even try to buy me the clothes.”

Taylor’s flair for fashion soon led her to become a runway coach and participate in fashion shows in the region.

“I did my first fashion show, and it went really well,” she said. “I sold everything off the track, people were always asking for it, and with the amount of money I was making, I thought it might be a new career for me because doing hair is a tax on it. your body and more hairdressers were coming to the area. ”

Taylor, who now resides in Richland Township, closed her hair salon in 2013 to pursue her new dream of entering the fashion industry.

“I closed the lounge and moved to (Washington DC), not realizing that you’re only there in a minute and you could go out next time,” she said. “I did this for a few months, then I needed the money, so I came home. I was totally embarrassed and felt like a failure.

Even feeling defeated, it wasn’t long before Taylor’s entrepreneurial spirit began to take hold. In 2014, Camille’s House of Styles salon opened on Central Avenue in Johns-town. “During this time, my designs were taking off,” she said. “I was doing shows in Harrisburg and Lancaster, East Stroudsburg and wherever I could go, whether it was doing my own shows or helping backstage with nails and makeup.”

As Taylor’s fashion career was on the rise, so too was the amount of clothing she now had with her parents.

“They had an extra bedroom that I was using for storage, and you hardly could get into that room,” she said. “My mom has this little Yorkie and he was running over there and we couldn’t find him because of the clothes.

“And I thought, ‘It’s time to open a store.’ ”

Salon, boutique and more

A few months ago, the Maison des styles de Camille underwent another transition by moving to 161 Village Street in Moxham and adding a boutique that features Taylor’s fashion designs and jewelry by Brenda Scott.

The new location not only offers services like hair extensions, colorings and cuts, but it’s also a one-stop-shop for a trendy night out on the town.

“You can shower here, get your hair and makeup done, your outfit, your shoes, your purse, your accessories and leave already dressed,” Taylor said.

With everything Taylor has to offer now, she says what she loves the most is “the whole makeover.” I love how that person feels when I turn them over in the chair, ”she said. “This feeling is the best feeling in life. I really like making people feel good.

Taylor is now making his own way. Down 132 pounds following a weight loss management procedure at Conemaugh Memorial Medical Center, she can now be seen on billboards promoting the hospital procedure throughout. the footprint of the medical center.

She is also very active in her community with ties to Hope 4 Johnstown – a grassroots group formed earlier this year to help tackle violence in Johnstown, and her family’s church – Works of Deliverance Fellowship.

“There is so much going on these days that people rarely trust people, but when they see you on the street helping out, you don’t look like a mere superhero on a billboard. . It lets them know that you are also human, ”Taylor said. “Sometimes every time you stay on your rig and never get off it doesn’t let people see the real you.

“So it’s really important to give back, it’s important to love, and it’s important to lend a hand.”

Carry on, carry on

Taylor has had many titles over the years – mother, entrepreneur, business owner, fashion designer, photographer – and most recently added an Entrepreneur Coach to her resume. She is now helping inspire others to take the same leap of faith that she did 14 years ago. Entrepreneur Meetings are held monthly at venues such as the Press Bistro in downtown Johnstown.

Taylor, 42, also recently signed, along with Mercedes Barnette, a Johnstown resident, as a fashion columnist for Soul Pitt Quarterly, a Pittsburgh-based magazine aimed at the city’s minority audience.

Her advice to those like her on the “road less traveled”: “No matter what life throws at you, don’t stop. No matter what people or this city makes you think about the decisions you make, don’t stop, ”she said. “Don’t stop, keep going. There will be times when most won’t even support you, but someone will.

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