Walk a mile in our nine favorite Made In Italy shoe brands!


We’re still on top of New York Fashion Week, but we can’t help but transport ourselves across the pond to Italy, where time goes slower but where fashion is sure to always be. also impressive! Lucky for you, we’re bringing you the 50 Made in Italy brands ready to be showcased at COTERIE, which is set to return to in-person format in New York from September 19-21. Last on our list: stylishly ready shoes for all seasons, in fine Italian leather included!

Donna Caroline

Designed for all occasions, Donna Caroline offers an impressive and diverse range of footwear, all at an affordable price. Whether you’re looking for crisp white sneakers, suede ankle boots, or point-toe leather flats, you might get lucky with a Donna Carolina tag. [Agent name: Valentina Vanin]

Henri ayden

A boot mark made in the boot itself ?! How about! Quickly seizing the Italian fashion world with its Milan-based offering Henri ayden merges Italian art with a geometric touch and a rock-n-roll attitude. [Agent name: Martina]


A quick glance at any Manas duo will prove its long-standing philosophy: contemporary charm blends harmoniously with a timeless attitude. Inventory, you ask? The scarpe che desideri (the shoes you want)! Specifically, an urban-chic repertoire of boots, sneakers, heels and more! [Agent name: Alessandra Albano]


From high shoes to platforms, from laces to elastics, MoaconceptThe towering shoe collection houses it all under the Tuscan sun. Contemporary designs and urban spirit aside, the Florence-based label is also proud of its commitment to diversity, inclusion, the environment and support for independent artists. Talk about a one stop shop! [Agent name: Elisa Zanetti]

No Red

Think everyday shoes, but refined with a Venetian touch. Located in the heart of Veneto, No Red is an Italian shoe brand with an impressive collection and an even more impressive story under its sole. Inspired by the Venetian maestros who came before it and the city’s medieval past, Pas De Rouge has a uniqueness that shines in every shoe. [Agent name: Stefano Zampieri]

Thierry rabotin

TO Thierry rabotin, everything revolves around the art of shoemaking. With a selection of perfect everyday companions, the Italian-made shoe supplier whose sole motive is to find the perfect balance between form, function and design. Mission accomplished! Experimental design, sensible style and top-notch comfort? Count us on! [Agent name: Emanuela Balbini]

White Veil

As if we weren’t already sold on the whole “one sneaker per day” trend, White Veil is here to remind us that a pair of kicks can’t hurt, especially with its tag perfectly visible. The brand’s offering includes everything from work-friendly styles and hero leathers to city walkers and chunky soles. Timeless and chic! [Agent name: Scocco Ombretta]


Handcrafted and using the most precious of premium leathers, Donatello shoes are where craftsmanship and style meet. Think about it: perforated oxfords and moccasins adorned with tassels. Sold! [Agent name: Scott Prentige]


Over 40 years in the making, Thera the leather sandals have a certain way about them. Simple in appearance, each shoe is meticulously designed with calculated points and inspired by the authenticity of nature. Made purely in Italy, each shoe with a Thera’s tag is a gentle reminder of the feel, look and look of leather. [Agent name: De Bari Mauro]

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