Vintage fashion, accessories with a story to tell: Kalamazoo’s Kerri Slack offers a range of items resembling styles from the 1940s to 1970s.

Vintage Jewelry: 12-year-old Skyler Slack models her mom Kerri’s handmade vintage jewelry. Kerri Stone makes clothes and accessories and sells them online.


Growing up in a home filled with retro and antique furniture, Kerri Slack developed a taste for vintage fashion and turned her love of collecting clothing and accessories into a business.

The Augusta woman sells her dresses, shoes, bags, jewelry, coats and home decor, ranging from fitted and coordinated styles of the 1940s to flowing, bohemian styles of the 70s.

“I couldn’t pass up something that seemed to have a story to tell,” Slack said of his collecting habits. “I was always picking things up and wondering where they were, who was carrying them, what they were for.”


To contact Slack, email them at

. His shop is located at


Black lace nightgowns, vintage patterns and buttons, a pair of brown cutout wedges, and polka-dot housecoats can all be found on Slack’s website, along with around 170 other items.

Vintage2.jpgStep back in time: Some of Kerri Slack’s vintage dresses take inspiration from the 1940s and 1950s.

She amassed an assortment of vintage clothes that began to take over her apartment, so when a friend told her about Etsy, a website where artists and collectors can sell their wares, she jumped at the chance.

She started her business about a year ago and said that in the next few years she would like to open a physical store.

To find its treasures, Slack typically avoids expensive antique stores and scours Goodwill and Salvation Army resale stores, as well as garage sales and flea markets.

Personally, Slack has said she prefers styles from the 1950s and earlier, as evidenced by the 1940s pin-up girl who serves as a mascot on her Etsy site.

Besides being a collector, Slack is also getting more creative with her business and will make custom jewelry for customers.


She recalled a recent bib necklace she had made from vintage earrings and said she had recently taken up making hair flowers like those worn by pin models -up.

For those with a specific item in mind, Slack said it’s happy to clean up and will seek out special items upon request.

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