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The monsoon is in full swing with the downpour acting as a relief from the scorching sun. While refreshing temperatures are a welcome change, the mess created by puddles and waterlogged roads can easily ruin our clothes and other possessions. Since it’s not always possible to stay home and enjoy the rain, here are some accessories that are waterproof and will reduce the damage when you go out.

Protecting your personal belongings like your gadgets, wallets would be easy with this PVC bag. Designed to be stylish and serve as a waterproof accessory, this see-through bag comes with an interior fabric pocket to store all items. The double handles of this bag would give you flexibility to carry this bag.

With this handbag, you will stay dry and stylish in the heaviest downpours.

The ugliest mess created by the rains appears on the roads. This requires arming yourself with comfortable open-toed shoes and sandals.

These chic slides from Crocs would be a perfect shoe to wear during the monsoon season. You can even wear these slides for lounging around the house.


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Gone are the days when raincoats were a boring accessory that came in one shade and were mostly embarrassing to wear over clothing. This rain jacket will protect you from the monsoon rain and also give you an avant-garde look.

This rain jacket also comes with a stylish hoodie to keep your hair safe and dry.

Don’t let heavy downpours discourage you from looking your best. Avoid wearing any accessory that could be ruined by the rain.

Wear them with these tortoise shell pendants to add some oomph to your style on a day that has been grayed out by monsoon clouds.

It is almost impossible to save your shoes from the wrath of the rain. Just get these shoe covers and you’ll never be afraid to get out on the waterlogged road. These translucent shoe covers are washable and come with an elastic and tie to keep your feet dry and clean.

The design is unisex and can be worn by men, women and children.

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