The world’s best boating shoe brands (according to Esquire editors)


Surveyor, Church’s, Farfetch

You want the best. And damn it, you deserve the best. But there is a lot to choose from, and sometimes the best is hard to find. Fortunately, we know where to find it. Every week, Esquire editors reveal their favorite brands, from under the radar flights to luxury sweethearts, so you can invest in the best clothes, watches, and accessories money can buy.

This week, the kickoff of the private school has become the must-have for children Indie has become the boomerang-2020 trend: boat shoes.

best brands of boat shoes
Paraboot Safari Black boat shoes (£ 310) for Arpenteur on



Charlie Teasdale, stylistic director


“As a fashion psychic that I am, I got into boat shoes before they got cool. Or is it before they were cool? again? Anyway, 2019 was my moccasin year. I’ve had Timberlands, GH Basses, Sperrys… but the best of the bunch were – and still are – my Paraboots, which were a special edition made in collaboration with the Gallic workwear gods, Surveyor.

“They’re stylish but with a chunky studded sole (a staple for good boats) and speak more of preppy utilitarianism than old age. They don’t make that specific shoe anymore, but the new edition is just as cool, or can – to be even cooler, annoyingly. “

best brands of boat shoes

GH bass

Dan Choppen, Fashion Assistant


“Summer can be a tricky time for shoes (and all other outfits) thanks to the constant balance of comfort, ventilation and style. I own a number of GH Bass shoes because they are comfortable so that’s a checked thing.

“But they’re also built to last and they look great. The Sportocassin suede boater, in all of its Frankstein-esque fusion, is proof of that. Plus, the soft chocolate suede will age well with wear and tear and mold to the skin. shape your feet for a shoe that will do mileage in the summers (less than 40s) to come. “

best brands of boat shoes


Murray Clark, Digital Style Editor


“My esteemed colleagues do this preppy New York 2.0 Rothschild-but-do-it-cool thing really well. I don’t. It’s not really my thing. And even if it was, now is. where I quickly reveal my Yorkshire vowels shatter any illusion of UES urbanity faster than I could say ‘no I’m in coach’.

“Although thanks to the good people at Prada, I’m not an excluded man. Instead, I can enjoy a retro-futuristic version of the boat shoe and a full version with blue leather panels a a little more playful and a little more fun. I’ll take the Italian candle into New York high society any day of the week. ”

best brands of boat shoes

from the church

Finlay Renwick, Associate Style Editor


“I’m not much of a fan of brown shoes, which makes choosing a good ‘boaty’ (is that what they call at the yacht club?) A challenge. No brown to find, these two “Church’s blue and white calfskin deck shoes are perfect for those long summers cosplayed as the preppy heir to a dubious trust fund. Grandpa… what have you done?”

best brands of boat shoes
Genuine Tan Boat Shoes (£ 85) by Sperry on

Mr. Porter


Tom Banham, digital editor


“Although boat shoes are synonymous with sun and salt water, their origin story is – like all the best – a little more icy. Legend has it that in 1935, a former naval officer and obsessive sailor, Paul A Sperry, noticed how secure his foot was The cocker spaniel, Prince, was on the ice. Sperry had been trying to create a non-slip sailing shoe since he had slipped off the deck of his boat, so Inspired by his dog’s paws, he cut similar grooves in the soles of his shoes, effectively keeping him upright, even if things were wet.

“The very first Sperry Top-Sider was a canvas sneaker, but the leather upper we know today followed in 1937. The style has hardly changed since, although it is now about a preppy basic, rather than the navy go-to shoe. Yes, you can buy them in all kinds of colors. And yes, they are available in all kinds of fabrics. But if you’re going to buy a boat shoe from Boat Shoe OG – and, really, why would you go anywhere else? – then you should have the style inspired by Prince’s paws. Good boy. “

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