The best wool shoe brands to buy in 2021

There is nothing on this earth more comfortable than shoes made from wool. Although wool shoes are a relatively new invention, they changed the shoe industry forever, with their ergonomic and innovative design creating a much more practical shoe.

However, although wool is synonymous with sweaters made by your grandmother and warm winter blankets, it is little known that this fabric is one of the most diverse materials, as it can withstand different climates. Its moisture wicking properties can help you feel cool in the summer, but it can also help regulate your temperature in the winter – there are so many benefits to this advanced fabric.

As designers begin to use more sustainable materials to make their products, wool has become a popular shoe fabric because it’s eco-friendly and incredibly adaptable. Wool is now used to make different footwear, from cozy knit sneakers to cozy felt slippers, promising ultimate comfort and durability. Even better, you can throw woolen shoes in the washing machine after a long day at work.

Different types of wool shoes

merino wool

Merino wool is an incredibly diverse fabric used to make everything from running shoes to exceptionally soft slippers. The reason this New Zealand wool is often used in footwear is that it provides a highly breathable membrane and effectively absorbs moisture.

Allbirds was the first company to create merino wool shoes after its founder Tim Brown launched a successful Kickstarter campaign to make shoes from natural materials. He raised over $1 million in five days, thanks to Allbirds Wool Runner, which sold out instantly.

wool felt

Wool felt is also an incredibly adaptable fabric for footwear, as it’s soft yet durable and machine washable. They can also be worn in all types of environments as there is a range of felt outdoor shoes that can withstand the toughest weather conditions. However, due to its cozy and comfortable feel, this material lends itself to making fantastic slippers that will provide ultimate warmth and comfort.

Knitted Wool

Knitted shoes provide excellent warmth while being lightweight. They are the epitome of comfort, style and practicality. Due to their breathability, knit shoes are ideal for summer. However, their insulating properties also help keep you warm in the colder seasons.

Knit sneakers have definitely become trendy in the footwear industry as more and more mainstream designers are starting to embrace this trend, with many sneakers featuring knit uppers. Knit sneakers also improve performance and are odorless.

Wool Shoes FAQ

Can woolen shoes get wet?

Although woolen shoes are generally not water resistant, if you get them wet, this fabric has insulating properties that will help regulate your temperature so you don’t get cold. However, there are wool shoes specially treated to be waterproof and suitable for harsh climates.

Do woolen shoes smell bad?

Woolen shoes don’t smell, thanks to their moisture-wicking and odor-free properties. In particular, merino wool shoes do not accumulate odor after being worn because they are antibacterial and moisture regulating. Even when you jump on the socks, these shoes won’t smell!

Is wool good for your feet?

Woolen shoes are good for several reasons: they are antibacterial, moisture regulating and have insulating properties, more so than cotton or other synthetic materials. These qualities are beneficial in protecting your feet from the cold while keeping your feet dry when the temperature also starts to rise.

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