The best sustainable shoe brands for children

Anyone with kids knows that kids’ shoes take a beating and last less than a year before it’s time to move up to the next size. Although fast fashion options can be tempting when it comes to kids’ shoes, if the shoes aren’t made well, they won’t even last through a kid. As such, durability is key in children’s shoes and quality shoes that can be passed down from child to child are even better, especially for families with siblings or cousins. With kids going through shoes so quickly, durability is also a big bonus as many families appreciate walking the planet more lightly for their children’s future. However, eco-friendly kids’ shoes can be hard to find. Here are some of the best sustainably made kids shoes that are also durable enough to be used by more than one child.


Plate manufactures shoes aimed at meeting the challenges of children’s play – the company even encourages customers to resell their used shoes on Kidizen as part of the Collective REWEAR. The shoes feature replaceable insoles and durable components in the hope that multiple children will be able to wear the same pair of Plae shoes. On the sustainable manufacturing side, Plae shoes are made in solar-powered factories using recycled materials and water-based glues. The company also uses environmentally friendly packaging and shoe stuffing materials.


Rothy’s offers a collection of kids’ slip-on and velcro sneakers in a range of cheerful colors and patterns. The company uses recycled materials to make its shoes, including single-use plastic bottles and plastic waste dumped in the ocean. In fact, Rothy’s has stopped over 100 tons of plastic from reaching the ocean – a feat that parents and children will appreciate. Rothy’s also limits production waste through careful knitting practices and recycles damaged returns. Parents will also appreciate that the shoes are durable and machine washable, two must-haves for kids’ shoes.


VEJA approaches sustainability and ethics from start to finish in the production of its high quality shoes. The company uses recycled and organic materials and produces the shoes ethically in Brazil, including an emphasis on hiring socially vulnerable members of society to work in its factories for fair wages. A lot of research goes into the design of VEJA shoes, resulting in durable sneakers that kids can hopefully pass on to friends or family after use. And VEJA undertakes to restore worn-out shoes with the help of a shoemaker in one of its stores in France.

ten small

ten small makes its adorable children’s shoes from vegan leather and natural rubber soles made from rubber tree milk. The shoes were designed with input from physicians to meet the developmental needs of growing feet and bodies. And, the shoes can be purchased in bundles with organic cotton socks and stickers for a combination of convenience and fun! Stickers are available in an assortment of options including NASA, Farm, Dinosaurs and Dogs so kids can customize their shoes for more fun.

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