The best shoe brands W Concept

It’s now easier than ever to end up dressing like everyone else. Thanks to social media, influencers and fast fashion retailers, it can often seem like everything we end up buying was predetermined for us. We constantly receive advertisements and promotions based on what interests the masses, and as a result, retailers strive to meet their customers where they are, wanting exactly what everyone else is doing. Are you still fed up? Because I certainly am.

To satisfy this desire for something different in terms of clothing, either I buy vintage or I buy from W-Concept. W Concept is a marketplace for many of Korea’s coolest designers. While I spend way too much time browsing through its ready-to-wear section, it’s the shoes section that I come back to again and again. Here I’ve shopped for some of the shoes I get the most compliments on, and it’s where I’ve found new brands that have ended up exploding, including Reike Nein and Yuul Yie. That’s right, they were on W Concept first, not Farfetch, Moda Operandi or Net-a-Porter.

Ahead, I’ve rounded up nine of my favorite shoe brands currently in stock at W-Concept so you know everything. I’ve purchased a few of my favorite pairs from each brand, but I strongly encourage you to take the time to browse the site to find even more cool shoe designers hiding at the retailer. Be careful, you might fall down the rabbit hole.

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