The 8 Comfortable (and Cute) Shoe Brands I Recommend to All My Friends


Sorry, but what is a comfortable shoe? For so long I kind of assumed that to walk around all day and not Wanting to rip my shoes off by the time I walked through the door, it was obvious I had to wear something a little awkward (or sneakers). I blindly accepted that comfortable shoes have to sacrifice style and on-trend appearance, which just isn’t the case as you’re about to find out. If I had known the following shoe brands earlier, I could have saved time, money and light bulbs (so many light bulbs).

Once I realized that there are actually loads of shoes that are as comfortable as they are cool, it was like I had won the lottery, and now I’m sharing my findings with anyone willing to listen. I should also point out that there are no sneakers in sight in the roundup below. No, instead I wanted to show how stylish and neat the shoes these brands offer. Beforehand, find out why I recommend the following labels, then take your pick from the most comfortable shoe brands I’ve ever tried.

1. Dr Martens

Ask anyone who owns a pair of Dr. Martens, and they’ll be happy to share how comfortable they really are. Don’t let the break-in period put you off – once your Docs look good and worn, they mold to the shape of your foot, so you feel like you’re walking on a cloud (speaking from experience here).

Dr Martens 1460 8 Eye Boots ($ 150)

Dr Martens 1461 Quadruple platform derby ($ 150)

Dr Martens 2976 Quadruple Platform Chelsea Boot ($ 180)

2. Dear Françoise

As well as being one of the classiest ethical and sustainable footwear brands, Dear Frances uses the best quality materials to make their shoes, and it really makes a difference in how it feels to walk all day in one. of his boots, sandals or pumps.

Dear Françoise Rain sandals ($ 350)

Dear Françoise Kin Sandals ($ 375)

Dear Françoise Sway Boots ($ 530)

3. Wandering shoemakers

For a shoe brand where the majority of styles are under $ 200, finding a pair of Vagabond shoes is a secret. How are they so good and what affordable? It sounds too good to be true, and yet the three pairs of their shoes that I own speak for themselves. The real test? Either way, their pumps are downright fun to wear all day.

Wandering shoemakers Cosmo 2.0 Chelsea Boots ($ 195)

Wandering shoemakers Alex Penny Loafers ($ 160)

Wandering shoemakers Edwina Square Toe Boots ($ 225)

4. Paige

Don’t take the recommendation from me, take it from one of the many editors of Who What Wear (and Kaia Gerber) who can attest that the denim brand’s footwear collection is as comfortable as their well-known jeans.

Paige Willa Snake Boots ($ 140)

Paige Landyn Cocoa Boots ($ 279)

Paige Black Suede Viera Sandals ($ 278)

5. Aerosols

With their cloud-shaped soles, Aerosoles really takes comfortable shoes to the next level. I turn to their selection of basic apartments when I want to look neat.

Aerosols Ramen Apartments ($ 110)

Aerosols Jamaica Ruched Zipper Sandal ($ 99)

Aerosols Catalina Apartment ($ 99)

6. Essen

Comfortable shoes (which don’t compromise on style) are hard to find, so I was impressed to discover Essen, whose shoes have a timeless quality with certain details that make them feel more forward.

Essen Foundation apartments ($ 210)

Essen Sandals of the City ($ 285)

Essen Summer slides ($ 247)

7. Charlotte Stone

Charlotte Stone is known for their fun colors and artistic shapes, but make no mistake, each of their shoes has a supportive layer in the sole that makes them super comfortable for all day walking.

Charlotte stone Bonnie clogs ($ 228)

Charlotte stone Lenu mules ($ 228)

Charlotte stone Dolly Sandals ($ 178)

8. Thursday boots

Thursday Boots actually started off as a line of men’s footwear, but luckily they’ve expanded into women’s boots as well. The line might not be your go-to for the latest trends, but it’s a trusted source of well-made (did I mention comfy?) Crazy classic boots that will last for years and years.

Thursday Boots Combat boots ($ 180)

Thursday Boots Heartbreaker Boots ($ 195)

Thursday Boots Highline Boots ($ 200)

Next up: shoe trends that expire in 2021.

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