The 20 best cult shoe brands and pairs to buy from each

I’ll be the first to agree that putting the word “cult” before anything fashion-related is a bit of a stretch, but I’m doing it anyway because there’s no better way to describe the 20 shoe brands I am here to discuss. There are many definitions for worship out there (most of them pretty creepy, as you’d imagine), but the one that fits the fashion sense the best is this: excessive admiration for a particular person or thing. In this case, the thing is shoe brands.

When I think of a cult brand, I don’t really put extremely well-known brands in this category, because it’s kind of obvious. Of Classes, Gucci and Prada shoes are adored and coveted by all. And while you’ve probably heard of most of the shoe brands featured below, your grandma probably hasn’t. Many of these brands are new, others go unnoticed but still sell out, and others may still be experiencing a resurgence in recent times. (I’m looking at you, Bottega Veneta and Dr. Martens.)

Whatever their reason for being cult, these brands are all in a category of their own, and the shoes they make reflect that. Since there are so many amazing options to choose from, I went through all the pairs I could find on the internet and picked the one I think you should buy. It wasn’t a chore, but you’re welcome.

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