Startup of the week: Alia’s Touch; Combination of classic and modern clothing design

JEDDAH: Alia Al-Zubaidi’s passion for design led her to become an interior designer. But it was her love of fashion that drove her to start her own business, Alia’s Touch.

Her popular take on the tie-dye technique led her to incorporate the pattern into hand-painted custom dresses, abayas and other garments.

The entrepreneur began by producing bespoke pieces for her clients, but as the process developed, she began selling her designs to stores.

“I particularly like printing my designs on the fabric itself. I buy fabrics from different places like India, Pakistan, Dubai and UK. I source a variety of fabrics from around the world and add my unique touch to them.
It’s my job and my hobby,” she said.

Al-Zubaidi has described her style of dress as “classic-modern” and the paint on her recent tie-dye designs has been imported from India.

“Tie-dye clothes were not a common fashion in Saudi Arabia, so when I started making them, I was skeptical. However, my customers loved the new designs and wanted to buy them immediately,” said she added.

As tie-dye became popular in the Kingdom, Al-Zubaidi noticed other fabrics being sold with the designs printed on them.

“I was hand painting every piece of clothing at that time, so every piece was different. The challenge I faced when starting my business was finding outlets to sell my products. All the concept stores or bazaars were extremely expensive .

The designer draws her inspiration from many sources including the traditional jalabia (a loose long dress commonly worn by Saudi women) and produces trendy prints and patterns for the youngest.

Although she prefers prints, she is not afraid to experiment with embroidery, lace and different patterns.

“I think the biggest thing designers struggle with is the high cost of making these garments. The outlets where they can be sold are limited and the competition is extremely tough,” she said.

More details on Instagram @alias_touch

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