“People’s skin tones are not fashion accessories! »- The Tweeps react to Kelly Khumalo’s blackface music video


Last updated on January 27, 2021, 5:06 PM

Kelly Khumalo once again raised the controversy after starring in a clip she shot entirely in blackface

The songbird SA recently posted its video Empini and while many love her voice, the visuals have drawn a backlash however.

Kelly stars in blackface – the controversial practice of darkening your skin to mimic another character.

Kelly also posted images of the video on her Instagram, revealing that the inspiration for the concept came from “Bastet the Egyptian goddess of the black cat, this goddess was not only known as the protector but the goddess of war”.

Watch the video below…

However, the tweeps are unhappy with Kelly’s appearance, calling her a “cringe” and “trash”, and even called her “hypocrisy” as the star greedily whitens her skin.

“Kelly Khumalo did a blackface photoshoot, after landing on her skin and tagged her for Heritage Month. Cringe, “one tweet posted, while another added:” Kelly Khumalo lightens her skin and then wears a blackface in her Empini music video. What a trash “.

Author Jackie Phamotse called it “horrible” …

See what the other tweeps had to say …

On the flip side, a few fans fired back, claiming the concept has already been made by stars like Beyonce. They also wondered if blackface was still considered offensive, if it was done by a black person.


Do you think Kelly crossed a line by performing in blackface?

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