Kill With These 7 Innovative Women-Owned Black Shoe Brands

Photo credit: Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

Shoes are one of the most essential parts of any outfit.

So, if you’re looking for something distinct, you should pay close attention to black women’s owned shoe brands.

There are so many choices for black women-owned shoe brands that picking just a few is a hassle.

Shoes from these brands stand out in different ways, so they can help you stand out in turn.

Aminah Abdul Jillil

Black Women Owned Shoe Brands
Photo credit: Aminah Abdul Jillil – Facebook

When you go out for a night out or to a party, your shoes can never be overdone.

It’s here that Aminah Abdul Jillil Between.

The brand’s shoe collections epitomize luxury and will make you look glitzy and glamorous as if you were walking the red carpet.

If you want to stand out and leave others jealous of your outfit, Aminah Abdul Jillil is an easy choice.


Black Women Owned Shoe Brands
Photo credit: Barkal – Facebook

Sometimes we just want comfortable, reliable, and always stylish everyday shoes.

It’s there that Barkal Between.

This shoe brand celebrates Sudanese tradition and history by modeling their shoes after traditional Sudanese shoes.

Barkal brings a modern twist, of course, with soft, plush Nappa leather and artistic styling.

Becki Coackley Shoes

Black Women Owned Shoe Brands
Photo credit: Becki Coackley Shoes – Facebook

Becki Coackley Shoes is a shoe brand to empower you.

The founder, Becki, decided to create the brand when the death of her mother gave her some perspective.

She knew her corporate jobs weren’t fulfilling, so she created her own shoe line.

Becki Coackley Shoes aims to encourage, uplift and empower women through footwear.

The brand’s shoes are made with the same premium materials that Italian artisans use, so you know you’re wearing something world-class.

Brother Vellies

Black Women Owned Shoe Brands
Photo credit: Brother Vellies – Facebook

Traditional African design practices are rarely used anymore, so brands like Brother Vellies are vital.

The brand makes luxury footwear that celebrates African cultural history in a timeless way.

The founder, Aurora James, knows what she is doing.

She has extensive training in horticulture, photography, music, art, journalism and fashion.

These experiences, added to his passion for traditional African practices, make Brother Vellies shoes stand out.

Duck Confetti

Black Women Owned Shoe Brands
Photo credit: Duckie Confetti

Duck Confetti manufactures comfortable fur slippers for outdoors and indoors.

His collection includes:

  • Mink slides
  • Lamb fur slippers
  • Rabbit fur slides
  • Fox fur slides

Most slippers are under $100, but there are some you can find for 2 or 3 times that price; it depends on what tickles your fancy and what you can afford.

Whichever pair you choose, you can be sure of one thing: the Duckie Confetti slippers will make you feel like a star.

Eleanor Anukam Shoes

Black Women Owned Shoe Brands
Photo credit: Eleanor Anukam Shoes – Facebook

There is a massive under-representation of women with shoe sizes over 10.

Eleanor Anukam Shoes responds to this with sexy, modern and luxurious designs for women in shoe sizes 9-13.

Founder, Eleanor Anukam, is a size 12 who struggled to find luxury shoes in her size.

So she decided to create a line of luxury women’s shoes like her own.

Jo-Anne Vernay

Black Women Owned Shoe Brands
Photo credit: Jo-Anne Vernay – Facebook

Black women-owned shoe brands show us that luxury footwear can be both stylish and durable, and Jo-Anne Vernay is no different.

This brand offers stylish and stylish shoes made from pineapple; yes, pineapples are not just for eating.

Founder, Dyandra Raye, follows a sustainable, vegan lifestyle, and she wanted to implement that into a shoe brand.

Jo-Anne Vernay shoes are often in limited supply, so you can be sure to stand out wherever you go.

Why black women-owned shoe brands are the future

Black Women Owned Shoe Brands
Photo credit: Aminah Abdul Jillil – Facebook

Black women aren’t afraid to innovate and create something distinct, so it’s no surprise that black women-owned shoe brands offer unique products.

They leave other shoe brands in the dust when it comes to cost effectiveness and appearance and are worth buying.

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