Italian Fashion Manufacturer Uses Voxel8’s ActiveLab to 3D Print Haute Couture Accessories –

Massachusetts-based digital manufacturing company Voxel8 has used its ActiveLab multi-material 3D printing system in the past to 3D print athletic shoe uppers, as the printer is able to fabricate flexible elastomeric materials on textiles. Now, Eddy Ricami, a leading Italian manufacturer in the fashion industry, is going to take advantage of this fact. Voxel8 has just announced an agreement with the company, consisting of an exclusive arrangement for Eddy Ricami to use its ActiveLab printer to produce and sell high fashion accessories.

“Voxel8 technology has gained global commercial traction in athletic and leisure footwear, and we are excited to extend our reach into the European high fashion market with a distinguished partner such as Eddy Ricami who has built a reputation for innovation and quality. We look forward to working with our partner to bring the benefits of Voxel8 technology to the fashion industry,” said Frederick of Gottbergwho joined Voxel8 as CEO at the end of 2019.

Voxel8 was founded in 2014 by Harvard University and claims that its ActiveLab system can offer a total turnkey solution, which includes materials, software and hardware, for the purpose of 3D printing functional features on textiles, such as shoes, clothes and others. Related products.

“Our technology fundamentally transforms the way footwear, apparel and fashion accessories are developed and produced. It enables manufacturers to offer unique design embellishments to their customers with faster design cycle times, reduced manufacturing times and inventory costs, and reduces costs associated with tooling, freight and to rates,” Percy explained. chinoythe director of business development at Voxel8.

The Voxel8 ActiveLab system fundamentally transforms the way footwear, apparel and accessories are developed and produced.

The company’s ActiveLab system enables its digital fabrication clients to create interesting and unique design embellishments with reduced manufacturing time and design cycle, which is part of what makes it so attractive to Eddy Ricami. Based in Montecosaro in the Marche region of Italy, the manufacturer has been working with the fashion industry for over two decades and distinguishes itself from its competitors by using innovative and up-to-date manufacturing methods, such as 3D printing, while also preserving what she calls “the artisanal care of her work”, to create solutions based on digital fabrication and embroidery.

Eddy Ricami has three manufacturing plants, all close to haute couture customers. Now that it has installed Voxel8’s ActiveLab system in its Montecosaro headquarters, the company can respond even faster to the demands of the fashion industry, which is increasingly using 3D printing these days.

These are not 3D printed, but a good indicator of Eddy Ricami’s style when it comes to embellished accessories. (Image courtesy of Eddy Ricami)

“Thanks to our purchase of the ActiveLab® system, we seek to bring new custom design elements to our customers, taking advantage of the latest additive manufacturing technologies. During our evaluation of 3D printing offerings, we found that Voxel8’s technology was uniquely positioned for textile printing. This is an example of our continued commitment to implementing innovative technical solutions to provide our customers with distinctive products,” said Gianluca BordoniCEO and owner of Eddy Ricami.

Eddy Ricami will be able to turn his haute couture clients’ personalized and custom-designed product ideas into reality much faster using Voxel8’s ActiveLab printer, while incurring “virtually no additional cost” and negating the typical supply chain risks associated with overseas manufacturing. It’s definitely a win-win situation.

(Images: Voxel8, unless otherwise stated)

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