How to Use Fashion Accessories as Wall Art

The idea of ​​investing in an assortment of clothing and fashion accessories – rather than buying 10 cheap shirts when you only need one – is more common than ever. And thank God! Buy well-made pieces that all work together and you’ll save yourself both cramped closet syndrome and what to wear what to wear syndrome. (You also won’t have to replace your clothes as often because they won’t fall apart.)

The less obvious benefit of a closet you’re proud to show off is that, well, you can show it off. In some of our favorite interiors, fashionable accessories like straw hats in a large sculptural grouping take center stage as wall decor. Are you ready to graduate from a favorite scarf but it’s still gorgeous and you’d rather not part with it? Consider a frame. Here are some of our favorite examples of fashion accessories serving as décor.


Especially when woven from straw, hats make a sculptural addition to walls and hangers.

The dressing room of a Provencal house is decorated with an assortment of hats. Atop the Indian trunk is a vintage car box used for picnicking on the property; the cane has a basket to pick up the truffles.

Photo: Marina Faust

In Jonathan Adler’s home, the artful silhouette of the spokes of the Gio Ponti loveseat adds to the optical allure of the entryway, while a vintage Italian ceramic dog stands at attention with a tower of hats sun balanced on his head.

Photo: Joshua McHugh

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