How to care for Hermès fashion accessories and other leather goods

Have you ever wondered how to take care of your precious Hermès fashion accessories? We offer an expert-approved serial guide to ensure they are well-preserved for generations to come.

Hermès accessories are an investment, an investment that takes time and must therefore be treated with the utmost care. If you are the product owner of a leather Hermès bag like the Birkin or the Kelly, or even an enamelled bracelet, it is essential to take care of it to ensure its longevity. We asked the good folks at the French house to share the proper care guide for Hermès fashion accessories.

Each material chosen by the Hermès workshops reflects the know-how of the luxury brand and symbolizes the codes of the house. Whether it’s the iconic leatherwork that’s been around since the 1830s or the use of horn that reflects a new wave of design. Every Hermès accessory is crafted under the guidance of expert craftsmen and designers, which is why a Hermès fashion accessory care guide is essential.

Here is the complete guide to caring for your Hermès fashion accessories

How to care for Hermès leather accessories

Like most natural materials, leather experiences natural and gradual wear. To ensure that your leather costume jewelery retains its original appearance, always store it in its original case.

The natural coating of leather needs rest periods, so a dry place is essential for storage. Always make sure that the box (and the accessory inside) is kept away from water, oils, humidity and dry conditions which could damage the grain and oxidize its metal parts. Intense light and heat can also cause discoloration which can alter the beautiful original finish of your Hermès fashion accessories.

As a general rule, remove it when washing dishes and when playing sports to avoid damaging its natural finish.

How to care for Hermès enamel and metal pieces

Contemporary Hermès enamel bracelets are made with a single piece of solid enamel in a metal frame. One of the brand’s most iconic pieces, these bracelets and other enamel/metal jewelry should be handled with care.

Always clean your enamel jewelry with a chamois leather or soft cloth to preserve its shine. ​Avoid contact with liquids which may cause delamination, scaling and oxidation of plated metal parts. And it goes without saying, take it off when you play sports.

How to care for Hermès horn and lacquer accessories

Image Courtesy: Studio Des Fleurs/Hermès

Horn, a recent addition to the Hermès bandwagon, is an organic and very sensitive material. It is prone to damage from temperature changes, shocks and scratches. Therefore, to avoid deformation, handle it with a soft hand and wear it carefully. Always clean the product with a suitable cloth and avoid using external cleaning agents.

Header image: Courtesy of Laetitia Hotte/Hermès. Featured image: Courtesy of Cat Nontron/Hermès.

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