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Independent shoe retailers face unprecedented challenges amid the coronavirus pandemic.

After months of closures, stores across the country have finally been able to open their doors to customers in recent weeks. But now, with dangerously high spikes in the number of cases on the south and west coasts, the question arises as to whether the brick and mortar will be able to continue to function normally.

And prospects are also unclear for the all-important back-to-school season, as some schools prepare to reopen, while others prepare for distance learning.

Here, the leaders of some of the popular brands in the children’s market share how they currently work with retailers.

Yarra McClure, Marketing Director, Livie & Luca

“Our retailers have all been affected by the pandemic and our team is reaching out to us regularly to see how we can help and provide solutions to keep their businesses viable. We’ve created individual plans for each retail customer, including extending dating on Spring ’20 products, returning non-spinning products, and in some cases, we cover and write off debt completely. There is no easy answer, so we stay as flexible as possible while keeping in mind that we are also a small business.

David Kahan, CEO, Birkenstock Americas

“We continue to work closely with our independent accounts, primarily related to product availability as they begin to reopen. As a brand with strong consumer demand, we want to make sure they can meet the demands. “

The Birkenstock Arizona with turned sheepskin lining is available for the first time in kid size this fall.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Birkenstock

Katie Wagner, Vice President of Wholesale for the Americas, Crocs

“Our goal has been to provide flexibility, where possible, knowing that saving money is the primary goal of all retailers. To this end, we have partnered with retailers for cancellation of orders, strived to rebalance our offering of our top selling key items, and moved to a more immediate sales model.

Crocs Classic Clog Kids

The Crocs Classic Out of This World Galaxy kids’ clog.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Crocs

Tracy Paoletti, VP of Sales, Ugg and Koolaburra by Ugg

“Independent retailers have been and remain a very important channel for the Ugg brand. We work closely with all of our retailers, allowing them maximum flexibility to manage and adjust their Fall 20 order based on their unique situation: physical store openings and closings, maximizing web opportunities, etc. “

Ugg Fluff Yeah

Famous moms and their little ones are often seen in the Ugg Fluff Yeah.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Ugg

Liz Bunnell, Vice President of Marketing, Wolverine Worldwide Kids Group

“We’ve spent a lot of time re-evaluating our inventory and anticipating the needs of our retail partners as they reopen their doors to customers. We have worked hard to help our partners in two key areas. First, we helped them adjust their spring orders so that they weren’t heavy on inventory, allowing them to purchase fall silhouettes. Second, we also have an immediate inventory of basic and seasonal fall produce to allow for more immediate supply orders as needed. “

Merrell Alpine Puffer children's boots

The new Alpine Puffer children’s boots from Merrell are waterproof and feature a waist zipper.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Wolverine Kids Group

Brandon Gingerich, Sales Manager, Badorf Shoe Co.

“Our independent partners are the cornerstone of our business and are particularly important to us. We worked closely with them to enable spring / fall order reviews, support for spring invoices and waiver of penalties, access to expired discounts, extended terms on fall orders all in one go and (perhaps most important of all) access to the entirety of fall. inventory already arrived and being shipped.

Tsukihoshi Racer trainers for children

Tsukihoshi Racer is offered for both boys and girls.

CREDIT: Courtesy of Badorf Shoe Co.

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