Fashion Accessories Every Student Should Own


Fashion Accessories Every Student Should Own

Fashion Accessories Every Student Should Own

While going to college, you might be tempted to wear hoodies and joggers all day. And while it’s a comfortable option, there are times when you want to dress a little.

And that’s where your accessories come in. They take up less space in your wardrobe and come in different shapes and sizes. They are also a simple yet effective way to rock your outfit and make it look fresh.

At Teenage Fashion Ireland, we show you 5 accessories that every student should own.

Hair Scarves

When you’re late for class but still want to look good, a scarf is the perfect option. They come in all shapes and colors and you can wear them in different ways.

Take one before you go and tie it on the way to class. It can match the rest of your outfit or it can be something completely different.

Satin Bandana from

Stacked Rings

If you don’t like a colorful scarf, go for something more understated with various rings decorating our fingers. The rings can match or be completely different from each other.

Rings are that accessory that can add character to your look. So don’t be afraid to really stack them up and play around with sizes and shapes.


A necklace is probably the easiest accessory to integrate into your outfit. Even a simple gold chain can enhance your look. And if you can’t decide which chain to wear, try several at the same time. Try to match a charm on your necklace with the buckle of your belt or purse.

And there are plenty of ethical and sustainable necklaces out there, so it’s worth investing in pieces that will take you beyond the trends.

Hair clips

We’re so excited the hair clips are back. Similar to necklaces, having a few different hair clips will help you refresh your look as well as your hair.

Combine the mother-of-pearl buttons of your sweater with your mother-of-pearl bar. Or any other combination you like. It is a versatile accessory with the added benefit of creating an effortless hairstyle.

It can turn even the most basic outfit into a memorable look.


If there is a hair accessory more iconic than the scrunchie? If you want a functional accessory that adds some dimension to your look, a scrunchie is the way to go. You can get one that matches your outfit color. Or you can wear one or two signature colors on your wrist.

Whether you wear it in your hair, on your wrist, or on your keychain, a scrunchie is an easy and affordable accessory to add to your collection.

Fashion Accessories Every Student Should Own

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