Face masks are the new fashion accessories: how to match them to your outfit

Even if you plan to go out in phase 2, the face mask will be part of our “going out” gear for an indefinite period.

Even though disposable surgical masks are now much more readily available, it may be cheaper and more economical to put on a reusable cloth mask in situations where you won’t be in close contact with other people. The latter also offers an added benefit by providing aesthetic appeal for those who are style conscious.

Is the cloth face mask a fashion accessory? It’s certainly possible, looking at the many interesting designs that have been produced since the battle against COVID-19 began. From designer versions that cost huge sums to affordable versions that do the same job for much less, the choices are indeed varied.

Since we have to live with the face mask, why not learn to adopt it? Make covering your face a little less tedious with sleek designs that offer protection without getting in the way of your style. You’ll need several pieces to rotate – start with these chic picks and learn how to adapt them to your style sensibility, without compromising their protective ability.

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If you often wear clothes with prints, a fabric mask without a pattern will go better with your outfits. Think plain black is a bit boring? Liven things up with a collection of masks in different colors. Alternatively, if you really want a mask with a strong impression, tone down what you’re wearing on your body and let your face gear take center stage instead.

If you’ve returned to the office and work in a corporate environment, a fancy face mask might not set the right tone for your workplace dress code. Stick to face masks in solid, neutral colors or more subtle prints, and save funky prints for days off.


Fabric is everything when it comes to face masks – it will affect wearing comfort as well as whether you look smart or sloppy. Generally, heavier, stiffer fabrics like cotton have more shape and will look more presentable than those made with soft jersey.

We’ve even seen cloth masks made from silk and satin, which are honestly materials that probably don’t hold up well to the sweat and oil produced by the skin. Remember that there is also moisture in your breath, which will show very clearly on these types of fabrics.

Is a three-layer construction absolutely necessary? There are no hard and fast rules about it, although it’s not too thick to affect ease of breathing. Either way, there are mask liners and inner filters you can buy and use with your cloth mask for added comfort and improved functionality.

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Unfortunately, one size may not fit all when it comes to masks, and sizing options aren’t exactly that great, especially for surgical masks. However, many fabric mask manufacturers offer their products in two sizes and also provide exact measurements, as well as the option of tie ties, if you need a more customizable fit.

Triple pleats or a molded front construction are standard requirements – they ensure the nose and chin can be securely covered and create space for easy breathing. Check these features before buying your mask.

Looking for a new mask? Here are some options:


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