Earth to Tod’s: animals are not fashion accessories


On Friday, the models who paraded in the Tod’s show at Milan Fashion Week did so with some really uncool accessories: puppies. Apparently, the fashion company – which claimed the tasteless stunt was meant to honor dogs – missed the memo: Animals are not fashion accessories.

Many puppies, including a boxer, a Shiba Inu, and a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, are said to be purebred. These dogs, with certain genetic traits or appearances, can inherit health problems that can be painful and fatal. A quarter of the dogs admitted to animal shelters are purebred.

Internet users were outraged by the company’s exploitation of animals. On Instagram, @katouchaw wrote, “It’s so stupid; dogs are not accessories !!!” Other comments included the “Ugh. Such a mean thing to do to a baby animal, ”“ Dogs are not @deidraweiss’s props. Shame on you “, and @issypullman” Not the environment for a puppy. Lights, cameras, music and hundreds of people. Animals are not props.

Animals are not ours to entertain us.

Tod’s tasteless stunt sparked even more annoyance from netizens, including @issypullman, who continued her comment by saying, “Ironic as well as she’s wearing dead cowhide and sheepskin, so that’s it. is it okay to kill some animals but not others? ” Another comment made by @heygirlheygirlhey read, “How ironic. Emit puppies while wearing leather. SHAME ON YOU !! “That’s right, the models carried puppies to the catwalk as they apparently wore sheepskin, suede and leather.

The animals are not ours.

Tod’s would do well to follow the example of Gucci which has not only banned fur …

… But also show creativity by sending only hyper-realistic accessories of mythical “animals” on the track:

Now this is a fashion accessory.

8 ways you can Truly Honor the dogs this year

If Tod’s had really wanted to honor the Year of the Dog, it would have left cruelty off the catwalks. It’s bewildering how some humans can treat dogs so cruelly. We owe it to our canine companions to protect them from harm, especially during a year dedicated to them. Click the button below to see some things you can do to help dogs in 2018:


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