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The market for woolen shoes is sizzling, in part thanks to the resounding success of Allbirds, which in 2016 launched a line of sneakers and slip-ons made from New Zealand merino wool that are enduringly chic. But the San Francisco-based startup isn’t the only success in this hot shoe category. There are many other wool shoe options for environmentally conscious consumers who want to respect the planet while maintaining a sense of style.

Below we have collected some of the most popular brands of woolen shoes. All offer breathable, odor-controlling and moisture-resistant comfort for those with a flair for green fashion.

All birds

The newest model of sustainable footwear, the Tree Topper, is made from eucalyptus fibers brushed with merino wool and features foam soles produced from sugar cane (called SweetFoam).
All birds

This list wouldn’t be complete without including the people who made wool cool, in part thanks to a coterie of celebrities and Silicon Valley enthusiasts. In the two years since its dazzling kickoff, Allbirds has not only raised $ 50 million from investors, bringing its valuation to $ 1.4 billion, but it has also broadened its selection of sustainable footwear. beyond wool to include sugar-derived EVA foam flip flops. cane; sneakers of eucalyptus fibers; and his latest offering, a high-top sneaker called Tree Topper, pictured above, made from his three favorite sustainable materials. Allbirds shoes are available online and at the company’s three stores in San Francisco, New York and London.


Founded by the Giesswein family in 1954 and still located in the Austrian Alps, this long-standing company produces several styles of footwear and slippers in “3D Stretch” merino wool boiled from sheep raised in New Zealand, Australia and North America. South. In 2017, Giesswein (pronounced goose-vine) entered the sneaker race with a Kickstarter campaign that helped launch its new Merino Runners. You can purchase Giesswein shoes online and at select retail stores in the United States (listed on the company’s website).


The Glerup family started making felt boots as a hobby in 1993 using wool from their own Gotland sheep. Today, this powerful Danish brand not only offers felted wool boots, but also slippers and shoes with open heels. All Glerups come with natural calfskin or rubber soles. The shoes are available online.


Launched via a Kickstarter campaign in 2013, this Swiss startup has continued to soar with its unique woolen shoes inspired by traditional Russian winter boots. Using sustainably sourced wool from Portugal and New Zealand, Baabuk offers stylish wool slippers, wool sneakers and his latest, a high top sneaker called Sky Wooler. Baabuk shoes are handcrafted in Nepal and Portugal and are available online and in dozens of retail stores across Europe.

Health Felts Shoes

This fair trade newcomer is literally taking off, but has already gained attention. The company’s 100 percent organic merino wool shoes with nettle fabric outsoles are handcrafted in Nepal. Currently, they can be pre-ordered on Kickstarter. The campaign hit its financial goal early on, and the company plans to start shipping in December 2018 or January 2019.

Deserves a mention

The following brands of woolen shoes are not 100% pure, but they are worth considering for their eye-catching style.

Sheep. These unisex wool sneakers may not yet have a brand name, but they are starting to get noticed. Launched in 2017 by South Korean manufacturer Oozootech Co., Ltd., Le Moutons is made with 84% organic merino wool (the rest is polyester) and comes in a handful of textured, mottled colors. They are available online.

Mahabis. This London-based shoe and clothing brand launched in 2014 with a wool-blend slipper that transforms into an outdoor shoe via a removable rubber heel. The two-in-one concept quickly became a cult following. Mahabis wool slippers no longer come with removable soles and now feature a permanent sneaker-like sole. They are available online and at select Nordstrom stores in the United States.

Xero shoes. Located in Broomfield, Colorado, and known for their ‘foot first’ designs, Xero Shoes recently released a casual wool-blend shoe with a moisture-wicking lining called Pacifica. It is available online in both men’s and women’s styles.


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