7 fashion accessories that can hurt you

Earrings that weigh down your earlobes are rarely the most comfortable choice. In fact, the pressure on sensitive earlobes can lead to quite a painful evening. And if worn too often, heavy earrings can permanently stretch the piercing hole — something more and more people are resorting to plastic surgery to fix, says Edward Farrior, MD, FACS, facial plastic surgeon in Tampa, Florida.

“Over time there is obviously additional weight on the earlobe, which stretches and elongates the earlobes and also stretches the actual hole in the ear where the earring goes,” explains Dr Farrior. The combination makes the ear look older, he says, which is why some people have the earlobe hole reduction procedure. Earlobe hole reduction is also more common today due to the trend of gauge earrings, he says. “Some people don’t realize that when they stretch their ear out so much, that hole isn’t going to close, unlike when you get your ear pierced normally and it closes right away if you do. ‘remove because the hole is so small.’

Wearing heavy earrings can also put women at higher risk for earlobe tearing, says Farrior, “especially large hoop earrings or real intricate earrings that dangle . They just cling to clothes.” Her recommendation: “If you pick up an earring and you feel it has a lump, it shouldn’t be hanging in your ear.”

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