6 Celebrity-Approved Shoe Brands We Can Actually Afford


Anytime Jennifer Lopez leaves the gym after a workout (does she exercise three times a day ?!), Emily Ratajkowski walks her dog in a completely extravagant outfit, or Kate Middleton does, well, just about anything, there are photographers waiting to capture their “everyday style”. While celebrity lives seem to be filled with glitter and glamor, everyday they go for casual pieces. The stars, they are like us!

For every photo of Bella Hadid bathed in jewelry on a Venetian boat, there is another photo of the model wearing an Adidas sweatshirt. The same goes for Kate Middleton, whose sleek yet accessible style is what childhood princess dreams are made of. Thanks to the stars who have inspired the fashionable masses, we’ve rounded up affordable celebrity shoe brands so that you too can hit the gym three times a day (or walk your dog with an extremely stylish look).


Schutz is my go-to whenever I need a pair of wedge shoes, heels or sultry shoes to add a certain touch to my outfit. This seems to be the case with celebrities, as the brand is beloved by Camila Mendes, Bella Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Alessandra Ambrosio, and more. Best of all, most styles cost less than $ 200 which makes it more affordable than the majority of the items in my closet. Schutz has been with me at pivotal times in my life, from graduation to fashion events in New York City.

Schutz Ariella Strappy Sandals ($ 170)

Schutz Maryana Tall Boots ($ 290)

Schutz Cadey Lee Sandals ($ 160)


If you do not have understood de Veja, you’ve probably seen the mark everywhere without even realizing it. Specializing in simple, affordable sneakers, this brand is a must-have whenever Ratajkowski walks his dog through the streets of New York wearing an outfit that is totally inappropriate for said activity (which is, uh, always). The only part of these admittedly stylish looks are her shoes: Veja will have you going from casual to stylish in no time.

Véja Esplar Low Sneakers ($ 120)

Véja V-12 Sneakers ($ 112)

Véja SDU RT Sneakers ($ 120)

Sam edelman

Every time I walk around SoHo, which is too often for my wallet, I make a stop at Sam Edelman. That’s because whenever I’m looking for an affordable version of a specific shoe style, Sam Edelman has it. With their slip-on sandals and equally fun ankle boots, it’s no wonder celebrities like Gabrielle Union and Victoria Justice are favoring the brand.

Sam edelman Bay slides ($ 90)

Sam edelman Winona Boots ($ 160)

Sam edelman Linnie flat mules ($ 120)


A classic choice for easy shoes, Adidas is loved by Kate Middleton, Gigi Hadid and many more. No one sticks to using them as sneakers… In fact, Adidas even makes appearances at royal events and at Paris Fashion Week. Fortunately, they’re still an affordable (and comfortable choice to boot).

Adidas Ultraboost Clima x Missoni Trainers ($ 250)

Adidas x Raf Simons Stan Torsion Sneakers ($ 300)

Adidas x Stella McCartney Ultraboost X 3D Sneakers ($ 230)


Yes, you read that right. Love it or hate it (you might have traumatic memories of wearing them to college), Uggs are making a comeback. Stepping away from its traditional comfortable and supple boots, Ugg explores the world of slides and thigh high boots, and celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens seem to be on board.

Ugg Classic Women’s Suede Lined Sheepskin Boots ($ 300)

Ugg Cozette slide ($ 80)

Ugg Plush sandal ($ 140)


I’m pretty sure everyone owns a pair of classic Nikes at this point. I have at least five pairs, and I’m pretty sure Bella Hadid has 500. Nike shoes are easy and accessible, and they can be worn with everything from workout leggings to a ball gown (if you are Serena Williams).

Nike Air Max 200 ($ 120)

Nike Air Force 1 Sage Bottom ($ 100)

Nike Air Max 95 ($ 170)

This is the other shoe that all the celebrities are buying in 2019.

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