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Personally, I think shoes are one of the most important parts of an outfit. You could wear a super trendy dress or even just a white t-shirt and jeans, but if your shoes don’t fit … then your cut just won’t work. Sorry, not sorry! So what I’m saying is find this perfect pair of boots, heels, anythingr is the epitome and you should look into these black owned shoe brands because I guarantee you just might find The One â„¢ ️. (Or, let’s be real, several).

And there are so many amazing choices here for you below that you’ll probably be stuck staring at your computer adding things to your cart for hours on end. (Sry.) If you’re looking for your basic nude heel to go with just about any clothing combo, I’ve got you. Need a durable, comfortable and flattering shoe you can slip on anytime? Yeah, I got that too. Scroll down to shop … and admire all of these gorgeous designs. Also check out some black-owned clothing brands, to find tips to go with your latest shoe purchase.

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This handcrafted shoe and accessory brand features models made by artisans in Lagos, Nigeria, and most of the raw materials are sourced locally, such as recycled insoles, cotton and leather. These patchwork babies are absolutely superb.

Website: shekudo.com



Having a basic nude shoe in your collection is a must. And what I love about Kahmune is that their mission is to design neutral shoes that match the skin tones of * all * women. All of their styles feature 10 colors that guarantee the representation of as many skin tones as possible.

Website: kahmune.com



Owning a pair of Zou Xou shoes is honestly like being in possession of a treasure. Each pair is handcrafted by Argentinian artisans using traditional methods and high quality leather.

Website: zouxou.com


Sincerely, Tommy

Who! No ! Love! A! Declaration! Boot!! Personally, I’m obsessed with these, but this brand has a bunch of other bold and unique choices (from boots to mules to sandals) that will add a special touch to your outfit.

Website: sincerelytommy.com


Becki Coakley Shoes

These bright orange pumps are everything. If you like intricately patterned heels, you must buy here.

Website: beckicoakley.com



If you’re looking for the * perfect * everyday shoe, look no further. Barka shoes are the best of the best – they use premium Italian leather and materials to create a shoe that will literally feel like it has been molded to fit only your feet.

Website: barkal.com


Brother Vellies

First of all, I need these plush sandals in my life immediately. Second, if you haven’t been on Brother Vellies’ train … then it’s time to do it now. Designed in Brooklyn, the brand sells a variety of super unique shoes that will leave you speechless. (Look at these pastel green mules).

Website: frerevellies.com


Salone Monet

I’m always on the lookout for heels that will go with not just some, but every outfit of mine. Check out the models from Salone Monet because I guarantee you will find the perfect basic heel.

Website: salonemonet.com


Chelsea Paris

I was already a fan of Chelsea Paris, but when I found out that all of the brand’s designs were inspired by the heritage of founder and designer Theresa Ebagua, I fell in love even more. Shop her shoe line for chic boots, moccasins, mules, sandals and more.

Website: chelseaparis.com



Change up your sneaker game with Keexs! Their brand “is a line of African-inspired casual shoes designed for expressive and shameless people,” according to the site. Perfect.

Website: keexs.com/us/


Unique rebels

No matter how stylish a shoe can be, it has to be comfortable to walk on or you will never wear it. Sole Rebels makes sure you get both with their bespoke designs which are also on the cutting edge of fashion.

Website: www.solerebels.com


JJ Gray

JJ Gray should be your go-to for riding boots, military boots and if you’re trying to add a classic oxford style shoe to your wardrobe.

Website: www.jj-gray.com


Yvonne kone

Find your next pair of Yvonne Koné pumps, pumps or sandals. His shoes combine comfort and elegance with the use of high quality materials. They’ll also be perfect for that next aesthetic Instagram pic. Versatility!

Website: www.yvonnekone.com



It would be shameful if I didn’t include Queen Rih’s creations in this roundup. If you want your shoes to be the star of the show, meaning your entire fit, shop for the eclectic and glamorous styles from Fenty.

Website: fenty.com



I’m upset these sandals weren’t in my life last summer, but I’ll make sure I have them ready for next time! FETE-ish creates personalized leather sandals with fun touches that you can wear anytime, anywhere.

Website: myfeteish.com


Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen is sexy and sophisticated at the same time, in case that’s what you’re looking for (uh, who isn’t?). Got a Zoom interview or a socially distant date coming up? Now you know where to get your shoes. Welcome!

Website: rebecca-allen.com


Perry Co.

Perry Co. sneakers are unlike any other brand. Not only are they really cute and stylish, but they are made with premium leather which means they will be so comfortable when and where you wear them.

Website: perrycoshoes.com

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