10 sustainable shoe brands to invest in



The favorite buzzword of the fashion industry is ‘sustainability’, but the term should not be used lightly, especially as we are becoming smarter consumers of all things, be it fashion. , the media or the food. Fortunately, responsible creation is now a sine qua non for aspiring creators. Consciously creating fashion can take many forms, from recycling vintage fabrics and creating new biodegradable materials to investing in the revival of artisan communities and, frankly, less shopping. Online retailers are finally devoting entire sections of their sites to environmentally friendly brands. One of our favorites is Net-A-Porter’s new initiative, Net Sustain, which ranks brands based on their qualifications. The big advantage here? These pieces, whether accessories or clothing, not only look chic, but they are also made responsibly. As for shoes, it is important to understand what they are made of and where they were made. Vegan leather can be made from a variety of materials such as recycled plastic, pineapple leaves, cork, or even apple peels. Today, it’s easier than ever to buy sustainable products; here we’ve compiled some of our favorite sustainable shoe brands for your scrolling pleasure.

Seen on Emma Roberts and Cara Buono, Aera is committed to offsetting their environmental impact by 110% not only to preserve the environment, but to actually benefit from it. They do this through a partnership with a leading environmental certification agency and by investing in reforestation projects and water restoration certificates. Aera produces 95% of its materials in Italy while also manufacturing in Veneto with those who uphold its values.

Buy now: Aera, vegan patent-effect sandal, $ 375, aeranewyork.com.

In 2001, the House of Stella McCartney was the first vegetarian luxury brand and continues to push the boundaries and set trends in the luxury arena today. We’ve included it in our roundup because we know the spiked-sole boot trend is going to take over this fall. Go for this particular style, made in Italy from recycled polyester, polyurethane and polyamide.

Buy now: Stella McCarntey, White Leatherless Utility Boot, $ 680, stellamccartney.com.

This all-vegan accessories brand creates limited edition sneakers that aim to tell a story while creating new materials with stone, tree bark, natural rubber, cotton cellulose and coconut fiber. This shoe is handcrafted in Portugal (known for its high manufacturing standards) and made from vegan leather, technical mesh fabric, vegan suede with a vegan leather lining.

Buy now: Rombaut, lightweight sole hybrid sneaker, $ 390, shop.rombaut.com.

Founded by Aurora James, Brother Vellies uses animal by-products to create what they call “Eternal Shoes,” designed to stand the test of time. They even reserve offcuts from their adult size shoes to make their line of children’s shoes. This style was handmade in Mexico.

Buy now: Brother Vellies, black and white mule with silver buckle, $ 665, brothervellies.com.

Every Sydney Brown shoe is handcrafted near Porto, Portugal, in a factory committed to durability, performance and new technology. The brand is completely vegan, PETA approved, and strives to minimize water consumption and waste. This chic platform is crafted from sustainably harvested German beech wood, a faux nappa upper, a recycled fiber insole covered with cork and a natural rubber sole.

Buy now: Sydney Brown, Vegan Black Platform Clog, $ 215, sydney-brown.com.

Founded by Bianca Moran Parkes, this vegan line works with a factory in Hong Kong owned by three sisters where everyone in the management is a woman. These apartments are made almost entirely from recycled plastic bottles and use a water-based adhesive. This schoolgirl look can take you from summer to fall.

Buy now: Susi Studio, Black Flat T-Strap, $ 125, susistudio.com.

It is clear at first glance that Hereu celebrates fine craftsmanship. José Luis Bartolomé and Albert Escribano founded this Mediterranean brand which combines modern craftsmanship and traditional artisanal practices. Made in Alicante, Spain and rooted in history, Hereu styles translate into international appeal.

Buy now: Hereu, Calfskin T-Strap Shoe, $ 329, hereustudio.com.

Not only does Sabah train artisans in his workshop in Turkey in an endangered art, the hand-sewn shoe, but they also employ several refugees from Aleppo. This fall, Sabah will release fully vegetable tanned leather.

Buy now: Sabah, calfskin and rubber sole shoe, $ 195, shop.sabah.am.

The 12 components of a Yatay sneaker are made sustainably, down to each hemp lace. The brand was established in 2018 with the aim of combining Italian-made quality with the most advanced green technology for a style of footwear that only gets better with age. What else? A tree is planted for each style sold.

Buy now: Yatay, sneaker in natural and recycled materials, $ 268, yatayatay.com.

Mohinders works with third and fourth generation shoemakers in Athani, India to create this iconic style of northern Karnataka, India. The brand strives to reduce their environmental impact by using traditionally tanned leather and biodegradable materials and natural dyes.

Buy now: Mohinders, flatwoven with stripes, $ 145, mohinders.com.


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