10 Shoe Brands in Canada to Shop (Support Canadian Businesses!)


Looking to support your local Canadian businesses by shopping the best shoe brands in Canada?

You all know I support the local industry wherever possible, and there are many amazing Canadian shoe brands you can buy.

With our wild Canadian winters, of course, Canadians do best when they make shoes for all seasons.

Whether you are looking for summer sandals or fall boots, you are sure to find your new favorite pair of shoes among these stunning Canadian footwear brands.

Here are some of the best shoe brands in Canada to shop for, no matter what type of shoe you are looking for!

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The best shoe brands in Canada

ALDO platform summer sandals
A pair of Aldo shoes that I found in my mother’s closet, from the 90s I think!

Aldo shoes

We all know and love our beloved Aldo shoes, a Montreal-based footwear and accessories brand that can be found in almost every major shopping center in Canada.

They started in Montreal in the 1970s, and now they are all over the world.

From chic sandals to sleek high boots, they have plenty of trendy and timeless styles at affordable prices for women and men.

Plus, their shoes are of high quality and literally last for years!

As far back as I can remember my mom buys Aldo shoes, so naturally I’ve been buying there since I was a teenager as well.

Aldo is also the first footwear and fashion accessories company in the world to be certified as climate neutral, and it is striving to become more sustainable!

Call It Spring - Nitsan Boots

Call it spring

Call It Spring is actually a sister brand of Aldo, and they’re more geared towards the Gen Z crowd.

They also offer trendy and affordable shoes and accessories for women and men, at a price a little more affordable than Aldo.

All of their shoes and accessories are vegan and sustainable, and they’re climate neutral too!


Vessi is known for their 100% waterproof sneakers, which are also vegan.

They are based in the rainiest place in Canada… You guessed it, Vancouver, also known as “Raincouver”!

You can find their waterproof sneakers in neutral and fun colors.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat is another Montreal-based company dedicated to the production of vegan products that has been around since the 90s.

They are also working towards more sustainable practices and have used all kinds of different recycled materials in their products over the years.

In fact, they started with making bags and accessories, but now they also offer shoes!

You can find everything from sandals to boots, although they have a lot more shoes for women than men.

courageous soles

Brave Soles is a Canadian brand of sustainable and ethical footwear and accessories, and they make shoes from recycled tires!

They have so many beautiful pairs of sandals made with locally sourced leather, which also include materials from recycled tires!

You can buy shoes for women and men at Brave Soles.

They also have a whole collection made of upcycled aircraft material parts!

If you are looking for more sustainable fashion companies, I have a blog post on sustainable clothing brands in Toronto.

The Canadian

La Canadienne is a Montreal-based luxury women’s footwear company that started in the 1980s and has been around for over 3 decades now.

They handcraft their fashionable yet timeless shoes in Canada, Italy and Spain using Italian leathers and suedes, and they are made for all seasons (definitely a must have for Canadian weather).

I love these leather ankle boots (with shearling lining for extra warmth) and these suede shearling ankle boots.

Their shoes are ethically made in their Montreal factory, one of the last remaining family-run shoe factories in Canada!

They even have stylish outerwear and accessories, similar to Rudsak (a great Canadian brand of outerwear).

Alice + Whittles

If you’re looking for even more chic and sustainable shoe brands in Canada, Alice + Whittles is a Toronto-based women’s outdoor shoe brand.

95% of their materials are natural and recycled, and their shoes are all free from virgin plastic.

They also source rubber from sustainably managed forests!

They don’t have a huge selection of shoes, but they do have a good selection of classic and timeless shoes for all seasons.

Poppy Barley

Poppy Barley is an Alberta-based footwear and accessories brand that offers pieces for women and men.

Their shoes are ethically produced with responsible materials and 90% of their packaging uses environmentally friendly materials.

All the leather they use is a byproduct of food production, and they are tanned using vegetables!

They also have a range of vegan cactus leather accessories which is pretty cool.

They’re also B Corp certified, which means they’re great for the environment and for the people who work for them.

Cougar shoes

Cougar has been around for over 70 years, and they were founded right here in Ontario!

They’re all focused on fashion and functionality, and they have everything from rain boots to winter boots for women and kids.

You can buy their Heritage collection with their classic designs with updated technology.

I love their Vantage Leather Boots and Kudos Leather Boots, both designed for -24 degrees Celsius!


Sorel started in the ’60s with their winter and work boots, and now they offer all kinds of footwear like sneakers and sandals.

Their classic winter boots are perfect for Canadian winters, including a range of styles for milder, harsher winters.

Go for their iconic Caribou winter boots ($ 200) or something simpler (but still good for heavy snow) like their 1964 CVS boots ($ 160).

They’re headquartered in Portland (under Columbia Sportswear), but they were actually founded in Kitchener, Ontario!

Best Footwear Brands in Canada:

  1. Aldo
  2. Call it spring
  3. Matt & Nat
  4. Bladder
  5. courageous soles
  6. The Canadian
  7. Alice + Whittles
  8. Poppy Barley
  9. Cougar shoes
  10. Sorel

These are some of the best Canadian shoe brands to buy quality, well-made shoes!

It’s always great to support local businesses, especially when they are ethical and sustainable.

What do you think are the best shoe brands in Canada? Let me know about Twitter or Instagram!

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